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How I help busy humans reduce stress + find their healthy balance in the chaos of life.

So you might be wondering, is this even possible? Of course it is!

Anything is possible! If you are reading this you are most likely experiencing some high stress, or have done so before. This can feel like:

Everything is so busy and there isn’t enough time in the day.

Run down, worn out.


Burned out.

And the list goes on…

But how can I help you reduce stress and find balance? Something I truly believe in is natural methods to help us heal and restore balance. There are so many gimmicks and medications out there that people depend on to attempt to feel better - but it’s fleeting and most unsustainable.

But I truly believe with positive lifestyle changes, that are sustainable - we can manage our energy much better.

Some of these things look like: Purposeful movement - adjusting the intensity to suit different seasons of life.

Nourishment - through quality whole foods that are most natural to its original state and using it as a resource.

Nature - getting out and away from the hustle and bustle.

Recovery - resting throughout our day, our weeks, life & quality sleep hygiene.

Quality connection - connecting with people who help you feel safe, heard, seen & loved who support you on your life journey.

Using natural stressors - with gradual exposure, with adequate rest and reflection afterwards to build resilience to stress.

Mindset - building a growth mindset, instead of avoidant.

Mind and body connection - through the breath, through movement, through nature.

Compassion - for self & others, because we will make mistakes and we will experience real human emotions along our journey - we must not judge ourself so harshly. They are very simple things, that truly are the antidote for healing in stressful times. They are all accessible at anytime to us, so why is it so hard for people to restore balance? I believe one, education - what is most common when it comes to fitness, nutrition etc it has to be so super structured and only ‘one way’.

I used to be this way, which actually caused more stress. Over the years I developed a more flexible wellness routine.

Something that helps me feel balanced is cycling through different methods. You could say I am a jack of all trades, and a master of many.

In terms of movement, I’ll share an example: Some days I’ll do some breathwork, nature walks and some beautiful yin yoga. Some days I’ll do my ice bath, my breathwork and high interval training.

Some days I’ll go on a bike ride, and train with just my body in a local park. Some days I’ll train at the gym and focus on strength or power training, and walk for some extra movement.

Some days I just chill and do nothing to rest.

They all work.

Sometimes some will have more focus than others, but they all work in different ways and I’ll explain how the benefit in future posts. They all come in on different seasons of life.

Nourishment will be various, and I will share this in a separate more in depth post so this one isn’t too long.

But the point is what I would like to get across:

I feel people get so rigid being stuck on one thing, and when it stops working for them they get stuck.

Guilt kicks in, what is wrong with me? Why can’t I do it?

So what I do is I educate around how we can use different methods in our life to restore balance.

How we can have many skills to restore balance in ways that feel good for us.

Because everyone is different and that's important to note. Every season of life looks different for me, but always integrating the fundamentals of the above - but in different ways. I feel to be able to do that, makes you an incredible skilful person.

Within the Balanced Health Method, we help you find your balance through natural & sustainable methods - helping you become the master of your own life. You can check it out here: The Balanced Health Method


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