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Green Flags Of The Coaching Industry

As promised after my blog around red flags, I wanted to bring to light the positive things to look out for in a coach (from my experience)

As I said in my previous post I have had some wonderful coaches in my time. I have worked with some of the best coaches in the world and they have brought me many insights on what it means to be not just a good, but a GREAT coach.

Along my own personal journey, I have also developed some of these things after seeing what not to do. 1. They care about YOU

When you have a good coach, you KNOW you are not just another number. Whether it be customised, or a pre programmed experience - you can genuinely feel the care the have for you as an individual. This can look like asking about who you are, your lifestyle, your experiences, how you feel and genuinely listening to feedback when given. Some coaches actually don't do this, which I find fascinating - because we are all so beautiful and unique. 2. They have a nice balance between holing you accountable & having compassion

Something I love about a good coach is they push you when you need it, but know when to pull back and really check in. We all experience really challenging times in life, death of a loved one, loss of job, relationship break downs and these can feel really hard. A good coach will not keep pushing you and telling you to keep soldiering through, but they assist you with finding your feet again. The best coaches are the ones who encourage you to take breaks in your life to slow down, support you in the best ways they can & help guide you through adjusting to meet your energy right now or other resources within their scope (or refer out).

3. There is no harsh judgement

Judgement happens, because we need judgement to assess a situation - but there is a difference between constructive judgement (would you even call it that really? maybe assessment?) and harsh judgement without taking into the fact we are human. A great coach understands to their best ability on how to deliver things in a constructive way, and help create pathways to reach a different outcome. Shaming doesn't get people anywhere.

4. They encourage YOU to learn about your body & mind - the sensations, feelings and emotions

I speak to this because it's easy for a period of time to follow a program and keep pushing through. But missing or neglecting our body cues can be detrimental for long term success. A great coach teaches you how to tune and and become aware of your own experiences (within their scope of course) and I mean this by, tracking internal body cues with fitness, nutrition, all of those things. That way you become the master of your self, and you get to discover what works best for you.

5. They want you to one day NOT need them

The goal isn't to keep you a client forever, the goal is to set you up for success so you can brave this world on your own or explore new things.

6. They encourage questions

This is a big one, because asking questions is how we best learn! We all hear things different ways, and learn differently too. A great coach opens the space for questions and does not ridicule you for the questions you ask. I hope you enjoyed this post! Enjoy finding the coach that fits best for youuuu :) Kirsti xxxxx


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