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There really is no better way to kick start your day, challenging yourself along side likeminded humans who love doing things that make your soul feel ALIVE!

Join Kirsti and others weekly on Friday's for a fun community breath work + ice bath experience. 

This breath work & ice bath weekly session is for people who have attended one of Kirsti's Wim Hof Method workshops or are familiar with Wim Hof Method breath work and have plunged into the ice before. 

Please note while the session is guided, there is no instruction or theory

(you can get this from a WHM workshop!).

We start at 6am, straight into some guided breath work + meditation and then into the ice bath before finishing up by 7am - leaving you feeling charged and ready for the day ahead. 

What to bring:
Yoga mat

Small blanket + pillow
Towel + Swimmers
Water bottle
Comfortable clothing

Booking ahead is essential as spaces are limited.

Scroll down for class bookings!

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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