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About Kirsti


Kirsti King

I am a woman who is passionate about living her best life, and helping others do the same. 

There is nothing more rewarding than helping people feel happier, healthier, more confident and balanced. 

I live in the beautiful state of Queensland Australia with my husband, and two beautiful dogs. 

I love family, and spending time with other loved ones - quality time is important for me.


My driving force for what I do for my own personal lifestyle is to create a work environment I love, that allows me flexibility to not miss out on life's precious moments. 

I've worked and studied quite a lot, and when I've worked in environments that don't have a healthy life balance - no matter what it is, it's not worth it to me.

We cant buy back time, or health - so it's my own personal mission to ensure that when I lead a life of serving others  - to not do it at the cost of my own health.

With every person I work with, I encourage them to do the same. 


Due to my passion for helping others with their overall health and my desire to learn more; I became a qualified fitness professional and sports nutritionist in 2021 where once qualified, I had worked with some of the best coaches in the industry.


But there was always something missing... a healthy balance for the extraordinary ordinary human.


Those who wish to lead a healthier and happier life, and have a balance between the other important things.

That lead me to creating the Balanced Health Method - my business where we focus on nourishing all aspects of life, but most importantly you.


We must always look after ourselves, because when we operate at our best - we can show up better for the people and things we love. 


I love to explore natural health methods, I truly believe through my years of discovery - that we have all the tools within us to lead a balanced life, which lead me to becoming a Wim Hof Method Instructor along side what I do - this method is wonderful for helping us reset and feel happier, healthier & stronger and I am privileged to share it with the world.

You'll find me in nature as much as I can, because it is truly so grounding and resets the soul.

Learn more about me on my personal instagram page here: Kirsti King

With gratitude, Kirsti x

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